Doniv Feltner Don is the founder of Wings of Wyoming flight school and is the chief flight instructor. He has been instructing for over 35 years and has over 8200 hours total time, with over 6000 hours of instruction given. His specialties are training instructors, instrument rating, commercial pilots, and multi-engine operations.

Rod Burnett Rod is retired USAF and a graduate of the Wings of Wyoming Professional Pilot Course. He instructs Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI students.  He brings with him an extensive background in engineering, business and project planning. He currently fills the position of Assistant Chief Instructor for single engine operations.

Harold Reed Harold brings over 40 years of extensive military flight experience to the Wings of Wyoming Flight School. He is CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP rated and instructs in all ratings with an emphasis on Multi-Engine and ATP students.

Trenton Lloyd Trenton comes to us with many years of aviation experience in flying, engineering, and maintenance. He works with private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine students and is a top notch tail wheel instructor. Trenton fly’s with us part-time as he is a pilot for Coulson Aviation as well.

Jay Lorenz Jay graduated from the Wings of Wyoming Professional Pilot Course and comes to us with an enthusiastic and eager attitude to teach new students. He is a great addition to our team of instructors and is presently working with Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI students. Jay fly’s with us part-time as he is a pilot for SkyWest Airlines as well.

Tim Becker Tim is the newest to the fine line of Wings of Wyoming instructors. He is a graduate of Northwest College with an Associates degree in Aeronautics. Most of his training has been completed around the northwest Wyoming area and has experience flying around mountainous terrain and in a variety of weather conditions. He is a CFI and CFII and instructs private, instrument, and commercial students.

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